Mini sitescript is Out

The first version of MiniSiteScript is finally for sale. Grab now your copy for the special launch price of $67, it will go up soon. Remember, you can also promote MiniSiteScript as an affiliate through ClickBank, you will earn a 50% commission for every sale you refer.

Product Page Added

Now you can choose to use a product page for every item, this will include description, customer reviews and a list of similar products, or direct linking to Amazon. Product page  will give a more complete aspect to your affiliate stores, meanwhile direct linking will provide an higher click through rate.

Mini Sitescript Features

You need a domain name and a web host with PHP. As we said, you don’t need to code or understand it. You have just to create an empty mysql database, take note of hostname, username, password, and upload MiniSiteScript files on your server. It’s really easy, but we provide you a step-by-step guide in PDF. Feel free to take a look without buying the software.